Alison Gannett was diagnosed with terminal malignant brain cancer in 2013, and given 6.8 months to live, even with surgery, chemo and radiation. After a partially successful surgery, she found Dr. Nasha Winters, and was thrilled to hear that she could “live a long happy life and die of old age”. Dr. Nasha outlined a non-toxic treatment program that was tailored to her tumor pathology testing, as well as radical changes to her diet and lifestyle. Nutritional needs were designed around her DNA and monthly blood chemistry lab tests. Testing also revealed a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr Virus, Parasites, a hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, heavy metals, toxins, radon, high blood sugars and much more. Alison loved the “test don’t guess” model of optimizing her health. She was so thrilled with the results, that she decided to dedicate her life to paying it forward and helping others. 

Alison currently specializes in personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching – adjunct support to prevent, manage, or conquer cancer using DNA, blood chemistry, health history and molecular tumor pathology. She is a keynote speaker around the globe on the topic of overcoming her terminal cancer and how others can reverse or prevent the root causes of the cancering process.

Alison is the Founder and Director of Alison’s Gannett’s Personalized Oncology Nutrition, an instructor/mentor for Dr. Nasha Winter’s TAP Program, Founder and Coach of The Personalized Nutrition Training Course, graduate of Nutrition Network’s (NN) Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment and Ethics Programs, graduate of Dr. Nasha Winter’s Coaching for Life/Integrative Cancer Advocate, ally of the Integrative Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN), graduate of The American Nutrition Association’s Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors, and a BS from University of Vermont. She also frequently consults on customized nutrition/lifestyle for clients of Dr. Kirsten West, Dr. Jade Robbins, Dr Erin Singh, Dr. Mark Hancock, Dr. Melanie Gisler, Dr. Ronald Matthias, Dr. Chris Duhon, and many more.

While no two people are the same, it is a known scientific fact that cancer cells prefer to burn sugar/carbs for fuel. Learn more: Dr. Jockers: The Diet Destroys Cancer A must read! Incredible details of the scientific mechanisms of TCR/Keto! “Rarely will a ketogenic diet eliminate cancer, but it will reduce its growth rate and put it into a metabolically stressed position that allow oxidative therapies to be more effective”


Alison launched her breakthrough anti-cancer eCookbook, realizing that most recipes on the internet were not therapeutic. In 2020, Alison completed her Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist training with American Nutrition Association.In 2018 she added her very specialized DIY anti-cancer nutrition and lifestyle on-line video program and anti-cancer eBook. 

She has worked with clients all over the globe to customize their nutrition and lifestyle prevent and conquer cancer. She works closely with Licensed practitioners whom can book on your behalf with Dr. Nasha Winters for customized treatment protocols. Upon booking, you will receive recommendations for adding one of these key medical professionals to your team.

Since no two people are alike and no two cancering processes are alike, she and her team create a customized plan for you based upon each person’s DNA, blood chemistry, and health history. Read what her clients have to say as well as the testimonials of many of the oncologists and doctors she works with.

Learning that using standard of care (SOC) of surgery, chemo and radiation would not save her life, and that “success” from her oncologist’s perspective was to prolong life by a few months, maybe a few years, Alison wanted to find a way to beat her cancer and live a happy and healthy life. Alison immediately connected with Dr. Winter’s scientific approach to personalizing cancer treatment.

Like many cancer patients, Alison had thought she was extremely healthy before diagnosis – she traveled the world, ate organic, exercised frequently, and had healthy relationships. She blamed her fatigue, poor memory, arthritis, shingles, Epstein Barr, allergies, migraines, infections, and injuries on getting older and just plain “normal”. Upon reflection, right from childhood, her “check engine light” was on, but she had just chosen to “put tape over it”.

Alison’s life began with adversity, as a child of an alcoholic father. Being overweight, dorky, uncoordinated and insecure as a kid, she began to overcome her fears and weight by diving into extreme sports in her 20’s. She became so obsessed with proving her worth, that she became a World Champion Extreme Freeskier in Canada in 1998, and won titles in South America and Japan. She then went on to star in ski films with TGR, Warren Miller, and MSP, and was named freeskier of the year (see the videos and photos below). Meanwhile, she took on the weight of the world, becoming an award-winning climate change consultant, featured by Outside Magazine, National Geographic, and working with Al Gore. Little did she know that the stress of this work and play was taking its toll.  “You may love your job, but that does not mean it is not killing you” is a quote she will never forget.

Dr. Nasha worked with Alison to reverse the root causes of cancer – including genetics/epigenetics, blood sugar balance, toxin burden, microbiome/digestion, immune system, inflammation, blood circulation/angiogenesis, hormone balance, stress/biorhythms, and mental/emotional health. She tracks 70 lab markers monthly to monitor her health in order to adjust treatments, diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, and sleep. Dr. Nasha Winters also used a wide variety of treatments to reduce the tumor burden, including hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT), low dose naltrexone (LDN), and high dose melatonin.

Alison’s cancer not only stopped “tumoring,” which defied and mystified her oncology team, but many other health issues also resolved themselves, including – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, joint arthritis, breast fibroids, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), seasonal allergies, migraines, bladder/yeast infections, non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease, pre-diabetes, and her Alzheimer’s and heart disease markers.

She and her husband Jason, now currently grow and raise almost all their anti-cancer foods at their farm in Colorado.

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