Please note: All clients will be supervised by Alison Gannett while working with Jenifer. We work with a team approach.

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Jenifer Harbour is a cancer survivor and thriver, hand picked by Alison to join this incredible team. Jenifer is a top graduate of Alison’s Personalized Nutrition Training Course, a Certified Terrain Advocate through Dr. Nasha Winter’s Metabolic Approach to Cancer, and also founder of Terrain Ten Consulting to prevent and manage cancer.  

From Jenifer, “Upon my diagnosis in 2020 as I sat in the oncologist office, all I felt surrounding me was fear, anger and defensiveness from my practitioner. I asked him too many questions is what he told me. I walked out of the office and I knew there had to be something better, and I found the book the Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters, and it screamed safety help and actionable items that I could do to create healing in my own body. I immediately devoured the book adopted lifestyle changes within my terrain and began to study to become an advocate through her first advocacy training. Thst was four years ago and today— Through an amazing, integrative oncologist, food and lifestyle changes and with the help of Alison Gannett, and her program I knew that offering my services would be the way that I could pay back what I learned through the work of the metabolic approach   I look forward to walking the path of healing with you.”

Jenifer offers customized nutrition based on your blood work, Nutrition Genome (DNA testing)and your bio-individuality. Through her dedication to study and her compassion for people Jenifer knows that the diagnosis of cancer can be a treacherous web to crawl through much less understand. Jenifer has studied with the Arizona Trauma Institute  and gained the designation of a Level 1 Trauma Specialist where she learned that trauma and emotional health are another drop in understanding your healthiest self. 

Jenifer knows that the only way out is through the web— Through compassionate communication she will meet you where you are and build upon your strengths and shine light on the blind spots of emotional health that will enhance your path to overall wellness.  Jenifer has completed the training of Alison Gannett and through her mentorship can help you through the treacherous web and into and the world of your personal optimal wellness.

Jenifer lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where she raised her daughter Brianna who has since moved to begin her life in Las Vegas, NV.  Jenifer is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher who specializes in therapeutics and joint rehabilitation with a certification in Functional Range Conditioning from Functional Anatomy and Dr Andreo Spina.  Jenifer is a meditation teacher and devout student of health and wellness—Her love of the body and the intricate relationship that can come from remembering your true self is her Aim as you walk the path arm in arm with her to your healthiest self.

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