Please note: All clients will be supervised by Alison Gannett while working with Layce. We work with a team approach. Alison may also happen to join your ZOOM video conference calls. Nothing but the best for your optimal health!

Layce knows firsthand the unique challenges that a cancer diagnoses brings. After her own breast cancer diagnoses several years ago, she has navigated her ongoing healing using an integrative approach, with a heavy emphasis on alternative methods.

Layce had a high-risk pathology and a jumbled mix of challenging genetics that limited her use of conventional therapies. This forced her to look for alternatives that were effective, but also worked with her unique body. Two years into her journey, Layce found Dr Nasha Winters’ and her terrain-focused approach to treating cancer; which changed everything!

Layce was referred to Alison by Dr Nasha and worked with Alison in her own healing and later completed Alison’s in-depth oncology nutrition course which focused on addressing each person’s unique blood chemistry, DNA, and in-depth social and health history.

Layce has worked with clients from all over the world in her consulting practice that specializes in supporting women with breast cancer as a patient advocate and coach. She helps connect women to the resources and support they need and uses the DUTCH hormone test, their individual DNA and their blood lab history to help women advocate for their best treatment options.

Layce has been a functional practitioner for over 17-years and has studied massage therapy, integrative and holistic approaches to nutrition, epi-genetics, hormonal balancing, root-cause, and terrain-centered approaches that promote lasting healing. She believes the “magic happens in the terrain” and is deeply grateful for the ‘course-shift’ she discovered in her own healing after finding Dr Nasha’s work.

Today, Layce is vocal and passionate about helping people find a healing team that will help them “test, assess, address, and not guess” (as Dr Nasha is famous for saying), their individual inner-terrain; which is required for sustained healing.

Layce is currently focusing her work in oncology nutrition and supporting women with breast cancer through several different online support outreaches. She is also the founder Hope Anchors, an outreach to help women in financial need, to access integrative oncology care.

Layce is an Idaho native, mother, and foster-mother, to 6 beautiful and diverse children. She is a “Gammy” to 4 little boys and wife to her husband and life-partner. Her passions are learning, collecting resources to share with others so they can shorten the learning curve in healing, reading, astrology, offering hope and support in the cancer healing community, camping, writing, speaking and helping people learn how to avoid joining the “cancer tribe” – in the first place. Layce firmly believes that healing is possible and that HOPE matters.

Layce Murray oncology nutrition coach