Please note: All clients will be supervised by Alison Gannett while working with Lisa. We work with a team approach. Alison may also happen to join your ZOOM video conference calls. Nothing but the best for your optimal health!

Lisa Nielsen is a holistic health and lifestyle coach residing in Durango CO. She owns Vibrant Life Wellness offering a variety of health services including nutritional coaching, personal fitness training, cancer fit programming, cooking classes, outdoor fitness classes, customized mind-body wellness programming, and varying wellness retreats.

Lisa now offers customized cancer specific diet and lifestyle coaching after having completed a specialized training led by oncology nutrition expert Alison Gannett. This specific coaching involves using health history, blood chemistry data and nutritional DNA testing in order to offer a customized diet and lifestyle plan for each individual.

Lisa became interested in health and wellness as a young girl after her father, and later her sister, were both diagnosed with cancer at young ages. She then went on to complete a B.S. in exercise science and an M.P.H.(nt) in public health nutrition at the University of MN.

Lisa has since moved to Durango CO, where she has resided for 21 years, in order to enjoy her passion of being in nature and spending time in the mountains hiking, biking and running. During her journey following her passion of nutrition and cancer she has attained several health certifications, co-facilitated numerous wellness retreats and has also spent some time working alongside oncology nutrition expert Dr. Nasha Winters.

Lisa has over 25 years experience working in the wellness industry and loves educating and inspiring others to live healthy and happy lives. Her goal is to help you make positive lifestyle changes that will last.


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Lisa Neilson oncology nutrition coach
Lisa Neilson oncology nutrition coach