Science-based do-it-yourself 28-step self-guided video program

Baby steps to prevent and conquer cancer

A program of Therapeutic Carb Reduction™ and fat adaptation designed to undermine the cancering process and optimize health and wellness. Goals are to reduce inflammation, insulin resistance, toxin exposure, and stress, while balancing hormones, boosting the immune system, encouraging detoxification, improving sleep, increasing deep nutrient density, and optimizing overall health and wellness (source AG). Studies have also shown that Therapeutic Carb Reduction™ can increase longevity by 20% and can be safe and effective for months, years and decades (source Phinny).

Years of training, personal experience, and work with my clients from around the world has helped me to create this easy step-by-step program, guaranteed to change your life. 

An outline of the entire course is below. Also, please explore the Free Orientation

This extensive program also includes: easy and extensive meal plans, autoimmune/egg free options, my eCookbook, my eBook written version of this program, shopping lists, ways to save money, and the long list in the table of contents.



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