conquer cancer with keto

Alison’s 28 Day DIY eBook Program

Do-it-yourself! Over 120 pages of how to implement, step by step, a NON-TOXIC and THERAPEUTIC ketogenic diet, with support to prevent or conquer cancer. A journey to heal your body, mind, and spirit, including renovating nutrition, lifestyle and your environment.

Includes all of Alison’s Famous Recipes

Conquer Cancer with Keto

If you would like to start customizing your nutrition during this 28 Day DIY eBOOK Program, you can enroll and then immediately sign up for my one-on-one coaching. As soon as you have purchased both programs, I will start personalizing your nutrition and lifestyle program as soon as you send me your blood chemistry lab tests and/or DNA. 

Elevate your ketones to the 3-7 range.
Detoxify and de-stress your life.
Deal with water, electrolytes and salt.
Ketone/glucose testing/GKI testing – what tests to use and how.
Save time and money while optimizing variety, freshness, and healthy nutrients.
Source healthy body, beauty, and cleaning products.
Master to monitor your food and exercise.
Maintain your keto diet while traveling.
Rebalance your circadian rhythm for better sleep.
Practice healthy fasting.
Eat delicious home cooked meals.
  • Alison’s tips and tricks to elevate your ketones to the 3-7 range.
  • Easy step by step keto for the initial overwhelming phase.
  • How to detoxify and de-stress your life.
  • How to deal with water, electrolytes and salt.
  • Suggestions as to how much exercise and meditation is appropriate.
  • Shopping lists based upon relative carb content – such as why avocados may be throwing you out of ketosis.
  • Anti-cancer shopping lists.
  • Why high fat, keto basics, why keto is not enough, nutritional ketosis versus therapeutic ketosis,  Alison’s low stress intro to keto, a 14 day sample meal plan, & keto check list.
  • Phases of keto needed for progress, as well as keto flu and how to avoid it.
  • Ketone/glucose testing/GKI testing – what tests to use and how.
  • Sourcing tips for fats/vegetables/spices/proteins.
  • Tricks for getting the fats up.

  • Alison’s farmers’ market trick – the key to optimizing variety, freshness, and healthy nutrients, not to mention saving time and money.
  • How to source body, beauty and cleaning products.
  • How to use to monitor your food and exercise.
  • Tricks for keto while traveling.
  • Tricks for sleep/hormone/circadian rhythm rebalancing.
  • Estrogen mimicking foods/items.
  • The latest on cholesterol.
  • Thyroid root causes & tips.
  • Tricks for your genetics/DNA.
  • What to do for high or low ferritin.
  • Fasting tips.
  • Two week sample meal plan.
  • And, of course, my famous recipes – this is not a “diet,” it is a lifestyle that must be delicious.

Get started cleaning up your nutrition and lifestyle while reaching high levels of therapeutic ketones.

While keto might not be the ideal tool for everyone, it is good place to start until you do a customized consultation.

This is not “internet keto”, it is keto specifically designed for disease management and optimal health.

I require that you have a doctor’s supervision for this program, and that doctor must approve this diet before you begin.