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Hot off the presses – Alison’s AntiCancer 3rd edition Cookbook with 225 pages of exciting new recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and where to buy ingredients. 

Are your ketones too low, or are you not getting results?

Remember, your typical “Internet keto” is not Therapeutic Carb Reduction™ (TCR) for disease management, also known as “Clean Keto”. These recipes are ultra-low-carb and extremely nutrient dense. AntiCancer TCR/clean keto recipes like these are almost impossible to find on the internet – they most often have many cancer growth-factor ingredients. I did the hard work so you don’t have to. Options available for autoimmune TCR as well. 

Food needs to be fun as well as anti-cancer/pro health. I wrote this book because I LOVE FOOD. Anti-cancer foods can replace all your favorites. I keep inventing new fun foods to satisfy my cravings, which are now available for your enjoyment. Try my lowest-carb granola, dairy-free caramel, yellow birthday cake, citrus (lemon) curd, dairy-free coconut-free yogurt, “banana” “peanut butter” smoothies, egg-free tortillas, best ever psyllium sandwich buns, cinnamon crunch cereal, fruity popsicles, no-churn dairy-free or egg-free ice creams, nut butter cups, lime Mexican taco sauce, easy stovetop chicken and bone broth, 8 new soups, chicken nuggets, dairy-free grilled cheese, and much more. 

  • This is adjunct therapy for disease prevention/management, and should be used with a comprehensive treatment program, which includes approval from a licensed practitioner, routine lab testing, and routine medical supervision. 

  • NOTE: This “cookbook” is only available virtually/electronically delivered as a PDF. There is not an option to receive a physical book.

If you are new to Keto/Therapeutic Carb Reduction™, I strongly recommend enrolling in my Alison’s AntiCancer 28-day Self Guided Program. This 28 day reset gives you all the recipes and meal plan shown here, plus walks you thru changing your diet and lifestyle, step by step. This lays the foundation for your optimal health with our Personalized One-on-One Consulting. My 28-day self-guided program walks you baby steps to nutrition changes, lifestyle changes and creating a non-toxic life. Diet alone is not enough, so I strongly urge you to enroll in the full 28 Day program, instead of just these amazing recipes.

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Alison Gannett's AntiCancer Cookbook