DNA test:

This is not to be confused with a molecular tumor tissue test, nor an ancestry DNA test (23andme or ancestry). This test is for the DNA you inherited from your mother and father, and how it affects your food, mood, exercise, and lifestyle. The cost of this saliva swab home test kit is around $350, and is not included in my package. If you can’t afford this, we can always do it later, or skip this test and focus on just your blood chemistry lab tests.

I require DNA testing of your genetics. I currently only use the Nutrition Genome DNA Test Kit for my consults, as it is very food specific They dive into specifics on how you metabolize specific fats, sugars, carbs, grains, and proteins, and I can therefore create an optimal nutrition plan for your DNA. They also test for how you detoxify certain chemicals, toxins, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, cancer treatments, statins, birth control, fluoride, plastics, medications, chemo agents, antibiotics, steroids and much more. I will also be able to make recommendations regarding exercise and meditation/stress response from your DNA report. Furthermore, recommendations will be made regarding which foods, additives, and supplements to add and which to avoid. LINK TO ORDER NUTRITION GENOME DNA TEST HERE.

Note: Many of my clients live around the world, some in countries that do not allow shipment of this home DNA Test Kit. I do recommend that you have it shipped to a friend and then have it forwarded to you.

Lab/Blood Chemistry Tests:

Ask your local general practitioner or licensed health care provider (not your oncologist) for a “standing order” for all these labs. Your doc will then fax it to your nearest blood draw station. This standing order will only have to be renewed yearly with your general practitioner, and then you can go get labs anytime you want at your local blood draw, without having to contact your doctor.

This should be covered by insurance if you list all your existing and pre-existing conditions and all family history, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, allergies, mental health, migraines, ALS, autism, epilepsy, etc. The more you can list for your general practitioner about yourself and your family, the easier it is for them to code for coverage by health insurance. 

You may have to ask many doctors until you find someone willing to help you. This is HARD, but worth it. The single most important way to track your path to optimal health is your lab tests. TEST, ACCESS, ADDRESS – DON’T GUESS! Note – general practitioners that are more freshly out of medical school, PA’s and RN’s are generally more open minded (but not always). Ask your friends if they know doctors that are more proactive about optimal health – they will often order labs where other doctors will not. It took me a month of searching to find one.

If you really get stuck and don’t have time to search for a local general practitioners, you can use walkinlab.com to order – you must CALL THEM to ask for a way to bundle your labs to make it cheaper. It is pretty affordable for one round, $400 – $500, but impossibly expensive for the long run. I have my labs run monthly, and this would cost me tens of thousands over the years. Test, access, address – is the keto to success. If you have no luck with walkinlab, or your doctor, email me.

Fast for at least 12 hours, just water only, and do the blood draw at the same time each month, as early as possible (8am) or when your blood draw opens.

Blood chemistry lab tests that are required:

I would strongly suggest running BOTH the required and optional tests).

NOTE: what the test is for is a very short summary of Dr. Nasha Winter’s training and can be interpreted differently by different doctors.

  1. hs-CRP – High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (must be HIGH SENSITIVITY) – may test for heart/general inflammation/cancer growth factor
  2. LD – Lactate dehydrogenase – THIS IS NOT A CHOLESTEROL TEST – may test for inflammation/cancer growth factor
  3. ESR – Sedimentation Rate – may test for immune system potential inflammation
  4. CBC w/Diff (Complete Blood Count with Differential) – basic blood work test/immune system function/red blood cells/platelets, etc
  5. CMP w/Chem 20 (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel with Chem 20) – may test essential nutritional info like protein levels and cancer growth factors like high calcium
  6. Ferritin – may test for inflammation and/or cancer growth factor, and/or leaky gut
  7. Vitamin D3: 25-OH – essential hormone that regulates almost all body functions learn more
  8. AM cortisol (8am – fasting) – may indicate stress and/or hormone imbalance
  9. Insulin (8am – fasting) – essential test to see if you are eating too much sugar/carbs
  10. IGF-1 – Insulin Growth Factor Number 1 – may indicate malnutrition and/or too much dairy and/or stress/sleep issues
  11. HgA1C also called HbA1C – hemoglobin A1C – 3 month average of blood sugars (must test insulin as well)
  12. Full thyroid panel – may test to show imbalances in hormones, insulin resistance, toxins
  13. Full lipid panel (8 am – fasting) – essential to look at triglycerides, a potential indicator of fatty liver

Optional tests but HIGHLY recommended (required for cancer prevention):

  1. Thyroid – Total T4 – may indicate hormone imbalance
  2. Thyroid – Free T3 – may indicate selenium balance
  3. Thyroid – T3 Uptake – may indicate hormone imbalance
  4. Uric Acid – may indicate gout and/or too much fructose (beer, wine, soda, fruit, etc)
  5. Both thyroid antibodies: Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb). Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb) – may indicate grain allergy and/or inflammation
  6. VEGF – Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor – may be a cancer growth factor
  7. Copper – may be a cancer growth factor 
  8. Ceruloplasmin – may be a cancer growth factor
  9. Fibrinogen – may be a cancer growth factor (may indicate thick sticky blood)
  10. Homocysteine – may be a cancer growth factor 
  11. Cytomegalovirus (CMV/herpes virus) Antibodies Blood Test – with BOTH IgG and IgM titers – may be a cancer growth factor
  12. Epstein Barr Virus (EBV/mono virus) – with BOTH IgG and IgM titers – may be a cancer growth factor