Conquer Cancer with Keto – Alison Gannett’s 28 Day DIY Program

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Conquer Cancer with Keto – Alison’s 28-day DIY Program

Want to prevent or conquer cancer?

  I was so overwhelmed and frustrated upon my diagnosis years ago.  Years of training, personal experience, and work with my clients from around the world has helped me to create my foundational program for you.

While my title may say “keto” – the reality is that we have been eating this way for millions of years. Learn how to incorporate 9 cups of organic vegetables into your life, healthy fats, and small amounts of essential organic proteins. Forget everything you have heard on the internet, as internet keto is NOT an anti-cancer keto. My program will lower glycemic and glutamine loads, boost anti-oxidants, prevent and detoxify chemicals, and reduce stress. I get to see the results in my client’s testing every day – lower inflammation, improved immune system and gut health, mitochondrial repair, hormone and blood sugar balancing, improved anti-cancer markers, lower viral loads and much more.

Below is a four minute video describing my course and an outline of the entire course is below the video.

If you want to learn if this program is right for you, about the science behind keto, why it works, what to expect, and if there are any health conditions that cannot do this program, please explore the Free Orientation. This extensive program also includes: easy and extensive meal plans, autoimmune/egg free options, my eCookbook, my eBook written version of this program, shopping lists, ways to save money, and the long list in the table of contents.

This course is required for all of those wanting a customized consult with Alison, one of her colleagues, and/or Alison consulting on customized treatments on your behalf with Dr. Nasha Winters.

If this course is beyond your means financially, we have some lower priced options available.

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