Alison Gannett's Customized Nutrition Training Course

 No two people are the same and no diet and lifestyle should be the same.

Ready to change your life and those that you love, and/or start a new lucrative career?

What: Alison will teach you you how to customize each client’s nutrition and lifestyle using blood chemistry lab tests, DNA results, and health history. This class is only offered once every three years. Spaces are limited and you have been personally selected by Alison to join this program.  

When: Beginning of June, 1st class. Six month program, meeting once a week online for an hour, plus 1-2 hours per week of optional homework. All classes taught by Alison. Time of week to be decided by attendees, most likely Wednesday afternoons. 

Why: Upon of completion of course, exam, and case studies you will receive a certificate of completion. Learn how to start your own business, or join Alison’s team. Demand has never been higher. Alison will be hiring a select number of top graduates from this class as oncology nutrition coaches, cancer prevention nutrition coaches, DNA coaches, and admin positions at the completion of this class. Wages for top coaches are $150 hour and can earn $100,000 per year. 

Where: online via ZOOM conference videos, recorded

How: cost $3600 in one lump sum, monthly payment plans available – see below


If you are reading this then you have been selected as one of my top candidates, and are at the top of the line for an available seat in class. This page is not to be shared without Alison’s permission, as the goal is to have a very small class of select students only.


The class will focus on how to customize nutrition and lifestyle using DNA results from Nutrition Genome, 70 Blood chemistry lab tests, and an extensive client health history. It will have a slant towards oncology nutrition and cancer prevention, but will also cover a multitude of health problems common to our modern times (heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s/neurological conditions, PCOS/fibroids/Erectile dysfunction, autoimmune, viruses/COVID, and more.


Segment One:

How to read client intake forms including tracking and classifying different areas of ill health: specifically – dietary factors/insulin resistance, environmental toxins/hormones, stress/sleep/circadian rhythms.

Segment Two:

Reading labs, functional medicine “ideal ranges” versus “in range” for western medicine, how these relate to different areas of ill health – dietary factors/insulin resistance, environmental toxins/hormones, stress/sleep/circadian rhythms/why stress can kill/mental/emotional health.

Segment Three:

DNA analysis and how it affects nutrition/lifestyle how these relate to different areas of ill health – dietary factors/insulin resistance, environmental toxins/hormones, stress/sleep/circadian rhythms.

Segment Four:

Choosing the right nutrition/diet plan, Cronometer diet analysis – how to customize, track and test – using food to prevent or undermine disease/cancer, macronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, micronutrients. Settings to gain, lose, maintain weight.

Segment Five:

Putting it all together – health history/labs/DNA/nutrition/lifestyle. In this segment you will learn to analyze yourself or someone you love.

Segment Six:

Sample cases, troubleshooting, case studies.

Format and Certification

This class will be 100% online, interactive, flexible, and provide multiple career opportunities for those that are interested. You may just want to learn more about your own health and that of your friends and family.

Class will meet for an hour on ZOOM, once a week, for six months, excluding holidays (a total of 25 classes). All classes will be recorded, in case you are unable to attend due to an emergency. Homework will be about 1-2 hours per week.

All students will receive a certificate of completion in “Customized Nutrition Training” to prevent or conquer cancer. 


$3600 up front or $4200 paid in six monthly installments.

Cost covers the full course and includes Alison’s DIY online program (a $500 value) and a gold subscription to


I am so blessed to be on this planet, and to be able to pay this gift forward. I thank Dr. Nasha Winters and the American Nutrition Association for all my training, as well as my amazing clients that have joined me on this journey. Cancer has been a gift, and a curse, but it has changed my life everyday for the better. Never would I have changed my nutrition and mental health to such extremes! And I thank John Records for my meditation and spiritual transformation, which has been even more profound than everything else combined.

– Alison