conquer cancer with kaleIn our never-ending quest to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our health, my hubby Jason Trimm and I moved to Holy Terror Farm, an 1883 80-acre homestead in a hidden river valley near Paonia, Colorado. April 2010 was the last official day we went to the grocery store. We do have some exceptions for coffee, spices, chocolate and olive oil.

We try to be as self-sufficient as possible – growing and raising almost all our own food. We raise many acres of chemical-free veggies, fruits and nuts, grass-fed/finished Belted Galloway beef cows, rare-breed egg and meat chickens, and pastured pigs. Hank, the livestock guardian dog, keeps predators away, and Monchi the cat provides love.

For photos, check out Holy Terror Farm on Facebook. We apologize for not updating more often, but farming is a beyond-full time job!

We grow all winter in our hoophouse, and preserve all the summer goodies by freezing, drying, canning, salt-curing, smoking, and storing in the root cellar. We sell any excess goodies to area restaurants and friends.

We do most of the garden soil preparations by hand and with our pigs, rotate our cows daily, use our chickens to fertilize and clean the orchards, save all our own seed, grow our own hay, render lard for oil and fat, and make our own cheese, butter, lard, and tallow.

After being diagnosed with “terminal” brain cancer in 2013,  I have used our FARM-acy to restore my health with a Therapeutic Carb Reduction™ diet, using food raised almost entirely right here at Holy Terror Farm. Starting with food was a key element to reversing one of the main root causes of my brain cancer.

Putting together everything I’ve learned, I’ve created Alison’s 28-Day AntiCancer Repair & Reset. This easy to follow, step-by-step video series is designed to support you in your quest to prevent or conquer cancer. Get started today.