Course Orientation

Welcome to ” Conquer and Prevent Cancer with Therapeutic Carb Reduction™ – Alison’s 28 Day DIY Reset” – my easy to follow step by step video series. I created this program so that I could help and reach more people to prevent and conquer cancer. Each day in the program below will have a few 1-5 minute videos, supporting materials, and a checklist for you to follow.

I have distilled my personal experiences with overcoming terminal brain cancer, my nutrition training with the American Nutrition Association and Dr. Nasha Winters, and my work with my clients from around the globe to create this information packed program. Whether you wish to prevent cancer, conquer a new diagnosis, or overcome a reoccurrence this adjunct support program is for you. Cancer and optimal health can be overwhelming, and information on the internet is confusing. I did it the hard way, so you don’t have to. I have broken every needed change to your diet and lifestyle into a step by step, day by day process.

Watch my free introductory videos below. This sample day will give you a feel for my 28 Day DIY Program. Those whom have enrolled, will the qualify for booking with myself or one of my colleagues to take the next step of customizing your nutrition and treatments using blood chemistry, DNA, and health history