conquer cancer with keto

Follow Up Coaching Session

Now booking – you will be given the first available appointment with Alison.

Tracking equals success – test, don’t guess. In your follow up appointment with Alison, we will go over your nutrition updates and track your progress in your blood chemistry lab tests. Alison’s goal is to teach you how to eventually track this on your own in the years to come. 

  • for those with cancer – get lab tests monthly
  • for those wanting to track their progress without cancer – get lab tests every three months

Test all labs on Alison’s required blood chemistry lab test list, and any labs that were out of range last time, and also any labs that one of your doctors may have recommended. If you follow the instructions on my lab test list page above, insurance should cover the cost of the lab tests. 

Test Don’t Guess!

“Alison was a needed support during a time when we needed her the most. Alison would go over my monthly blood work with a fine-tooth comb and her personal experience with managing a brain timor has helped to provide hope. I love her.”

– Matt G.


  • Prior purchase of one of the DIY programs, either Alison’s video program or Alison’s eBook.
  • At least one prior one-on-one coaching session with Alison. For your first coaching session, please sign up here.
  • Recent blood chemistry lab testing done with your local general practitioner –  LIST HERE

Alison reviews new labs and adds them to your spreadsheet, revisits your DNA, reviews your updated health status, has a 2 hour recorded zoom video conference with you, and then provides an extensive written report.

Book Now – $500