Alison is not booking new clients right now, but you can get on her waitlist

Purchasers of one of Alison’s DIY programs, either the 28 Day Video Series or eBook Program, are eligible for the coaching waitlist and will be contacted when coaching appointments become available. First come, first served. Wait time is about 6 weeks, which is about the same amount of time it will take to get your labs, DNA and intake form completed.

Want to see what one-on-one coaching costs and includes? Scroll down below! Lots of love, Alison

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Test Don’t Guess!

It is amazing to work with someone who understands and has personally experienced the process and efforts. She is also an inspiring living proof of the associated rewards. All of this is absolutely worth the investment.

 – Marie G.

Optimal Health, Prevent, Manage, or Conquer Cancer

Get a Customized Diet and Lifestyle Plan using your blood chemistry lab tests, your DNA testing, and your health history.

Typical Timeline:

  • Client purchases and begins Alison’s Conquer (Prevent) Cancer with Keto DIY video program (takes 28 days or may take longer if you wish to go slowly) – included in price of coaching package.
  • Client completes my intake form – your health history (upon registration – this is a LONG health intake form to dig into your root causes)
  • Client works with Alison’s team to schedule their three customized recorded ZOOM video consults, ideally spaced one month apart for three months (so we can track progress).
    • First ZOOM video consult as soon as possible – to review your health history and diet diary 
    • Second ZOOM video consult as soon as your labs arrive (see below for how to order)
    • Third ZOOM video consult as soon as your DNA test arrives (see below for how to order) and ideally also a new set of labs to track progress from your second zoo
  • Following each ZOOM video consult, Alison sends you a written report, your personalized diet and lifestyle plan, a personalized DNA interpretation and your own personalized lab spreadsheet, including what may be indicated by each lab reading and how to work towards more optimal health.
  • Optional but VERY recommended: Client requests CARIS Life Sciences report from oncologist, if a frozen tumor sample is available. If cancering and no sample is available, request a Biocept advanced test for circulating tumor cells from your oncologist (can take a month or longer). 
  • Alison recommends a integrative/naturopathic doctor and you book with them, if you don’t already have one (this can take weeks or months). Alison has a list of doctors that work with Dr. Nasha that she will give you upon booking this coaching package. 
  • Client asks their local general practitioner to order these blood chemistry lab tests. This should be covered by insurance if you list all your existing and pre-existing conditions and all family history, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, allergies, mental health, migraines, ALS, autism, epilepsy, etc. The more you can list for your general practitioner about yourself and your family, the easier it is for them to code for coverage by health insurance. This can take several weeks to find the right doctor, get them ordered and receive results. If one doctor says no, just try another more open minded doctor – keep trying! I know from experience how hard this is. 
  • Client orders the saliva home test kit for their DNA as soon as possible, as it can take 5-8 weeks to get the results. This cost is $299 USD and is not included. You may skip this step, if needed, but knowledge is power. If you have cancer, I don’t recommend skipping this step.
  • Why keto to prevent and conquer cancer? 

Cost – $2000 USD with Alison, $1500 with one of my colleagues. This whole process above takes around 4 months. 

Follow ups are optional (additional cost of $500 USD). Recommended to track your progress in your labs, at least every three months. Tracking equals success! Test don’t guess. 

This is an adjunct therapy, and should never be used without a comprehensive treatment program along with reversing all of the root causes.

conquer cancer with alison gannett
Alison Gannett in her kitchen

For best results, we also recommend:

Customized Treatment Plan with Dr. Nasha Winters

If you sign up for one-on-one coaching with Alison, she can then assist you to obtain a Dr. Nasha Winters appointment on your behalf, and she will sit in on that appointment. Once you sign up above, just request this option via an email to Alison. This program is only available for existing nutrition coaching clients of Alison Gannett. This cost is not included in her one-on-one coaching above – and runs $1000-$1500. 

Dr. Nasha Winters provides the bird’s eye view/plan, and your virtual/local naturopathic oncologist will assist you to implement that plan.

Dr. Nasha Winters creates customized treatment plans using your DNA, blood chemistry lab tests and health history, while Alison Gannett creates customized nutrition and lifestyle plans using your DNA, blood chemistry lab tests and health history. Your local/virtual naturopathic/integrative is essential to implementing your Dr. Nasha Winters’ customized treatment plan.

Dr. Nasha Winters - Naturopathic Oncologist

Dr. Nasha Winters

Alison offers a unique perspective and approach gleaned over years of study following her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer in 2013. Not only can she recommend nutrition and lifestyle changes for you to support your body through or prevent cancer, Alison can guide you compassionately and directly through the radical changes needed to take charge of your health and your future. Having witnessed firsthand the support Alison offers patients on this journey world-wide, I can confidently say she is a valuable resource, inspiration and patient advocate helping you and your loved ones navigate this often overwhelming process.

Dr. Nasha Winters