Alison Gannett oncology nutrition coach

Alison Gannett was diagnosed with “terminal” malignant brain cancer in 2013, and given 6.8 months to live. After a partially successful surgery, she found Dr. Nasha Winters, utilizing her metabolic approach and new treatments to reverse the root causes of her cancer. The radical changes to her diet and lifestyle, produced stunning results that confounded her doctors.

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Lisa Neilson oncology nutrition coach

Lisa Nielsen is a holistic health and lifestyle coach residing in Durango CO. She owns Vibrant Life Wellness offering a variety of health services including nutritional coaching, personal fitness training, cancer fit programming, cooking classes, outdoor fitness classes, customized mind-body wellness programming, and varying wellness retreats.

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Heather Cooan AntiCancer Health Coach

Heather Cooan is a double board certified functional nutritionist and educator. She works one-on-one providing customized nutrition and lifestyle interventions and support specialized for oncology, autoimmunity, and/or optimal health. Providing evidence-based approaches to nutritional care during the cancer journey, Heather focuses on bio-individuality and empowerment driven by lab and genetic data.

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Please note that both Alison’s schedule is full and she is not booking new clients. We have spaces for new clients with Lisa and Heather, available immediately.

Alison supervises each and every coaching client and will often pop into video conferences with clients.

Only the best for your health!

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