Alison’s AntiCancer Outdoor Adventure Program


For cancer patients and their families, time away from doctor appointments, therapy and the every-day stresses of life are so important. While we need to put “full effort” into reversing the root causes, personalized nutrition/lifestyle, and customized treatments, we also need time away from “Cancer”. We need to connect to something bigger, immerse ourselves in nature, reset our circadian rhythms by camping outside, and surround ourselves with beauty and love. “Full effort” must be paired with a “full surrender”. Being outside and adventuring not only distracts ourselves from a scary diagnosis, but also fills ourself with health and vitality. Sitting is said by doctors “to be the new smoking”, as it promotes inflammation and can fuel cancer.



Whether you have always played outside or want to start learning something new, Alison will customize an adventure with you and your loved ones. Furry pets are also welcome.


Whether you are up for a short hike, bike, ski, walk, camp, paddle or longer multi-day adventure, Alison can create it for you. Alison has dedicated her life to not only saving herself from cancer, but helping others to do the same.

All adventures will include free equipment demos.

Having the right gear is essential to enjoying the outdoors, and we have you covered. Special thanks to all the fantastic companies that we have partnered with to make this happen. 

Alison will also teach you how to do her AntiCancer outdoor cooking. Check out her Cookbook HERE. She will also provide almost all your food needs with food from her beyond-organic farm (the FARM-acy). Proper diet and lifestyle can undermine cancer!

Meier Homegrown Alison Gannett Pro Model


Prices will be on a sliding scale, and full scholarships are available – apply HERE. If you would like to donate equipment or money to our fund – apply HERE.

Alison is a former World Champion Extreme Free Skier, Ski Film Star, and Pro Mountain Bike Racer. As an award winning climate change scientist, she has founded many non-profits to save our snow and water from climate change. In an effort to reduce her carbon footprint and improve her health, she and her husband Jason grow almost all their own food at their Holy Terror Farm. Whenever she is not working or farming, she is playing somewhere outside, as it is her passion. Learn more HERE