Alison Gannett's AntiCancer Personalized Nutrition

Extended Coaching Packages

Maximize your healing transformation through constant communication with your coach over 4 or 6 months. 

Together you will create your personalized anticancer diet and lifestyle by utilizing your blood chemistry lab tests, your DNA testing, and your health history.

Whether you are a new or previous coaching client, these packaged offer the most value for your money.

Typical Timeline for the 4 month long “Deep Dive” package:

  • Cost: $750 down payment, then $500 a month for two months.
  • Client begins Alison’s 28-Day AntiCancer Repair & Reset DIY Video program
    • Do not move onto the next day until each daily checklist is complete!
  • Client completes 20 page detailed health history form.
  • Client books online to schedule their three customized recorded video consultations, ideally spaced one month apart for three months, so we can track your progress together:
    • First ZOOM video consult – health history, diet diary/cronometer tracking, ketone/glucose testing
    • Second ZOOM video consult – blood chemistry lab tests, diet diary/cronometer tracking, ketone/glucose testing, track progress – test and don’t guess
    • Third ZOOM video consult – DNA review, new blood chemistry lab tests, diet diary/cronometer tracking, ketone/glucose testing, track progress – test and don’t guess
  • Client books their complementary Cancer Resiliency Coaching session with Sunita Apter.
  • Your coach will recommend a integrative/naturopathic doctor (if you don’t already have one) whom works closely with Dr. Nasha. Cost is not included in this package. This program does customized nutrition while our integrative doctors do the customized treatments. 
  • Client asks their local general practitioner to order these blood chemistry lab tests. This should be covered by insurance if ordered by your general practitioner and the cost is not included in this package
  • Client orders the saliva home test kit for their DNA as soon as possible, as it can take 5-8 weeks to get the results. The cost is just over $300 USD and is not included in the coaching package. Other DNA tests are not accepted as this a very specific nutrition/lifestyle DNA test. 

The 6 month long “No Stone Unturned” package is all of the above plus two additional months of coaching at a reduced cost.

Dr. Nasha Winters - Naturopathic Oncologist
“Alison offers a unique perspective and approach gleaned over years of study following her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer in 2013. Not only can she recommend nutrition and lifestyle changes for you to support your body through or prevent cancer, Alison can guide you compassionately and directly through the radical changes needed to take charge of your health and your future. Having witnessed firsthand the support Alison offers patients on this journey world-wide, I can confidently say she is a valuable resource, inspiration and patient advocate helping you and your loved ones navigate this often overwhelming process.”
– Dr. Nasha Winters

Over the course of your coaching:

  • We look into what maybe causing any ill health or reducing your optimal health:
    • research into your potential toxin/carcinogenic exposures – your water/food/air/body/home/cleaning toxins from your intake form/address/location
    • research into your stressors in your blood chemistry/labs/history: mental/emotional/physical/chemical, hormonal, immune, sleep, dental, gut, etc
    • research into your potential insulin resistance factors in your labs/history/DNA. Did you know that most all of modern diseases have insulin resistance as a root cause? Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, neurological conditions, PCOS, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and more.
    • research into what you should or should not eat as shown in your DNA report (can you eat dairy, grains, legumes, red meats, caffeine, chocolate, cheese, cream, kale, etc?)
    • research into vitamin deficiencies, and much more.
  • Includes Alison’s AntiCancer DIY Repair & Reset Program.
  • Want a taste of the 28-Day Program?  Watch free introduction/orientation videos here.
  • Includes one Cancer Resiliency Coaching session with Sunita Apter.
  • TEST, DON’T GUESS – no two people are alike, and no two diets should be the same
  • This is an adjunct therapy, and should never be used without a comprehensive treatment program – working with one of Dr. Nasha’s integrative doctors is essential. Upon signup, we will review your intake form and recommend a list of doctors for you. Cost for this starts at $500 and is not included in this program. They do personalized treatments, and we do personalized nutrition. you must have both!

Heather Cooan is Alison’s lead nutrition consultant, to prevent or conquer cancer. Alison and Heather work together on every case, so book with Heather today!

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